3rd internet radio show

Tonight at 8pm PST will be the 3rd internet radio show.

The call in number is: (323) 417-6702 

Here are some of the topics we would like you to call in about to discuss:

– The Owata film.

– The progress of Oceania.

– The art work that has come out for TBK.

and if there is anything else you want to talk about, put it in the comments. I’ll also be reading your comments from twitter tonight, so if you would  just like to chime in, mention me @MonteLDS

If you missed my show you can listen to it here or download the mp3 here


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  1. A lot of the recent comments from Billy have mentioned how “epic” Oceania is shaping up to be… I don’t know if this is really a question but I for one am very excited at the prospect of more emotional, unpredictable songs. Teargarden, thus far, has been exceptional, but very poppy and concise songwriting (except for SFAS). Zeitgeist, too, aside from United States, was more straightforward songwriting. So, do you think we’ll be seeing a change in direction to stuff more in line with the SD/Mellon Collie epics?

  2. That’s a question that’s been nagging at me as well!

  3. Lookin forward to the show, Monte!

  4. you guys have no idea how nervous I get before these shows.

  5. That was weird- after hanging up, I put my headphones back on & heard myself still talking for about 30s. Weird.

    Also, when I first called & was on hold, I had 1 earphone still in, & real-time you on the phone & ~30s-lagged you on the earphone both said “Teargarden by Kaleidyscope” at the exact same time.. was very bizarre.

  6. oh, and btw- Billy does do a sort-of “dance” in the Ava Adore video. Well, ok, more of a prowl, but still… ^^;

  7. The thing that I really got out of the Owata video was that it had a very personal feeling– not that it didn’t have a larger point to make about women in wrestling, but to me it has this atmosphere of a short film made with friends. It’s not *supposed* to be a flashy, three-minute eye-catching statement scripted to get on MTV and sell lots of records, because that’s not how the business has worked for years and years. It almost reminds me of sitting down and listening through an album while staring at the liner notes, with bizarre art, maybe a letter from the band, just trying to imagine yourself into the world where they were when they recorded it. With all of the Facebook/Twitter updates we’re getting about the making of Teargarden, the Owata video seems like an extension of that, drawing us in to the circumstances of making the album. I think that’s really pretty cool, even if it did come out of left field as a sort of film that I doubt anybody was really expecting.

  8. Ha- it just dawned on me that the beginning music was Billy’s high school talent show vid of Crazy Train.. lol. Lot more phaser than usual.. heh.

  9. It would be cool if you just let callers call in with whatever SP related topic they want to. Cause a lot of fans dont really like the new material.

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