The tentative “Oceania” track list

This morning Billy released the tentative title track list for the Smashing Pumpkins next album within an album, Oceania. It is as follows:

Pale Horse


The Chimera

Four Winds Chime



My Love is Winter

Special K   Helios



Violet Rays


He also said that the song he played in France called “Jesus Needs A Hit ” was recorded by the Electric Prunes before Mark Tulin passed away.

All this and more to be discussed here tonight on 1st Radio Talk Show at 8:30pm PST


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  1. scottytheoneandonly

    So, is Oceania part of the deal with EMI? Will EMI be distributing it? Or is it going to end up as a free download on the SP homepage?

  2. JamesandthegiantBugg

    No, Oceania will not be released by EMI, it will be released on his own record label. The only think EMI is involved with is the re-issues.

  3. love the song titles. they got that “cool” pumpkins vibe to it. cannot wait! just hope it is not overproduced … kinda hope it is not gonna have too much synth … even though i like owata, lightning strikes and the fellowship … smashing pumpkins = dreamy guitars

  4. what happend to William Tell?

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